What I love about being an Accountant?

Hi there, what’s up fellas?

For today’s blog, I’m going to share to you my journey being an Accountant and why I love being it. I think not everyone loves to be an Accountant, those debits and credits, problem solving, analysis and scenario based Accounting problems.

What more in the actual work set-up where most of the time you have to deal with voluminous accounting tasks and from time to time you have to render overtime to finish your work.

When I was young, I don’t really know what I would take in College, what course and what would be my future profession. I was only encouraged to take Accountancy through my cousin who was taking Financial Management course that time and was said to be able to het a work in a bank. Yes, I thought that if you are an Accountant you can easily work in a bank, because I feel like I would love to work in a bank. That was me when I was young.

When I reached College, I enrolled to a Business Course major in Accounting but is non-board course. I finished the course, got a job and realized that I like to pursue taking the CPA examination. And there, I have to take more subjects and lots of review subjects in preparation of the CPA Board exam.

Fast forward, I was able to make it in the exam and got my license. It was one of the most challenging exams that I’ve taken. Thought, the work of an Accountant would have been an easy one but was wrong. It was again challenging and truly needs your dedication and commitment.

Being an Accountant is providing quality service to your clients. Helping your clients in their decision making needs, as the output you will provide to your clients are the basis of their management decisions.

So what I love being an Accountant? For me, inspire if the challenging workloads and expectations from us- Accountants, I am grateful when I am able to deliver reports and value judgement that are helpful to the company. Aside from it, I love how I can also use the learnings that I have got from being an Accountant to my everyday life. From simple budgeting, making personal cash flow reports, monitoring personal savings, managing expenses and venturing to investments. Wow, there’s a lot of opportunities to grow being an Accountant. Aside from it, I am also grateful that my colleague (a non-Accountant) was able to learn from me.

For me, God brings this profession to me for a reason. And forever, I am grateful 💕



Hi there? How are you?
Hi, your Accountant here– enjoying her me time over reading magazines.

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