How to handle stress and pressure?

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. I hope you are keeping very well these days. I feel like sharing a little of my personal experiences in handling stress and pressure of which I am immune to already.

Stress and pressure are one of the causes of depression which if not treated or controlled is dangerous to one’s mental health. The factors causing stress and pressure vary from one person to another, its treatment as well vary on a case to case basis.

I believe that we all have our own way of getting and coping stress. The more you have the factors which may stressed you, the more you are tend to feel stress and pressured. So basically, the first thing to control stress and pressure is your ability and mindset to manage those. For me, these are my ways of coping from stress and pressure:

1. Control your mindset. It should always be mind over matter. You have to maintain a positive mindset and disposition in life to keep going. It is hard when you are to conquer your own self. It’s hard to advise yourself on the do’s and don’ts especially if your system is extremely affected. Learn to control your mindset, and eventually control your emotions.

2. Give yourself a break. Hustle and keeping yourself on fire for something you are working at is ok, but always remember that rest and relaxation is also important elements in keeping a sound mind and body. Give yourself a break, take time to relax, slowdown and have fun. Slowing down is not giving up, it’s your way to recuperate from a challenging and stressful life events. When you’ve fully-recovered yourself, get up and shine, there’s always a new day for everyone.

3. Refrain from pushing your way to the things that stressed you. It’s easier said than done. There are factors that would be hard to avoid these stressors, a-lot! However, there must be a way to lie low a bit to distance and protect yourself. You are responsible of your own peace, give it to yourself. You deserve a better life, don’t push yourself to things that will stress you and pressure you.

4. Seek help. You need someone to listen your thoughts and vent out. It’s normal, seek help through your family, friends and support groups that can help you go through these trying times. Be open for advices from the people around you. Be wise to discern from these advises, some may really be applicable to you, but there may be some that are not healthy for you, learn to weigh the best applicable action for you to take.

5. Pray. There’s always an answer in prayer, it can be a YES, a NO, or NOT NOW. Pray that this something that stressed you will eventually be your strengths, pray that from these stressors and pressures, you will find something enlightening and beautiful. Pray for strength and courage to keep yourself sane despite of all the challenges. And above all pray for wisdom, to fight against these stress and pressures.

These things are just temporary, it will not always be gloomy days, get up beautiful days are coming to our way!

Cheers to more blessed and beautiful you,


Sunsets are beautiful, so with the sunrise. Go out, enjoy life!
Travel and find your peace 💓
Sometimes, you just need to breath and embrace life.
See the beauty of life, life is so short to be stressed.

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