Happy Mother’s Day!

Hi there, how are you. Happy Sunday and a Happy Mother’s day to all the Moms out there. 💓

I am forever grateful to my mom for all the love she has for us. Her love is infinite and genuine. She has the most pure heart, willing to do everything she can for her children.

I am very proud on how she was able to raise us despite of all the adversities in life.

I am forever grateful for having a mother like her. Honestly, a mother-daughter relationship is not always perfect just like how other relationship are, but our bond is very special and incomparable than others.

We will only have 1 mother in this world, they deserve our reward of love and care too. I admit I am not a perfect daughter, not the most loving either, but I will forever have her in my heart forever.

Moms are priceless, they are irreplaceable, and I am half my father and my mother. 🥰

To all the moms, out there, thank you! You are doing great, thanks for everything.

I can’t imagine how fast time is, now your hair are grey, but still forever gold. 🥰
I wish someday when I become a mom, I will be a loving, strong, courageous and God fearing mom too.

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