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Getting Pregnant at 30’s

Hello there, this may be a crazy topic but why not? Pregnancy is one of the best gifts a woman can have or a couple can have to start a family. And it’s nice to share things a woman at 30’s learn about this milestone (at my 30’s) 🤗 We have different views on pregnancy, having a baby is a blessing, not everyone is gifted with the capacity to conceived, and not everyone even capable of conceiving prefers to get pregnant. Pregnancy is a decision, a responsibility, it’s being ready for something significant milestone to look forward and considering the … Continue reading Getting Pregnant at 30’s

Dealing Postpartum and Motherhood

Motherhood is truly challenging and rewarding journey. I am now at my 8 weeks postpartum and it feels fulfilling in spite of the many challenges along the way. 1. Childbirth. I can’t forget when my happy tears are flowing continuously by the time I heard the first cry of my child. I had undergone C-section and the pain after the operation is terrible. Each mother has different experiences in childbirth, may it normal or C-section. However, it is worth all the pain to have and hold your little one. 2. Recovery after childbirth. After my C-section, I have rested (bed … Continue reading Dealing Postpartum and Motherhood

Team White Aesthetic Ideas for Our Homes

22 October 2022When it comes to organizing our homes, we want it something aesthetic, practical, durable and affordable. Of course who wouldn’t want these factors all in one product. Nowadays, most of us have a themed organization ideas at home. We like it to blend the colors of our furniture, cook wares, dining wares, the overall housewares to be color coordinated. Here in the Philippines, there are various themes for home organizing which include: Team “Puti” or Team White (puti is a Tagalog term for white), Team “Kahoy” or Team Wooden (kahoy is a Tagalog term for wood), Team Ginto … Continue reading Team White Aesthetic Ideas for Our Homes

What inspires a wife to keep going?

13 October 2022One of the most challenging roles in a woman’s life is becoming a wife. When you enter marriage you must be ready for another challenging journey. The husband and wife relationship will start and there are more things that you will discover with your spouse. This time you will get to know more your spouse and will discover his/her strengths and weaknesses. A woman, a lover, a partner, a mom, a wife an all in one, trying to balance everything in between. As it is said, the husband is the head of the family, he is the King, … Continue reading What inspires a wife to keep going?