Team White Aesthetic Ideas for Our Homes

22 October 2022
When it comes to organizing our homes, we want it something aesthetic, practical, durable and affordable. Of course who wouldn’t want these factors all in one product. Nowadays, most of us have a themed organization ideas at home. We like it to blend the colors of our furniture, cook wares, dining wares, the overall housewares to be color coordinated.

Here in the Philippines, there are various themes for home organizing which include: Team “Puti” or Team White (puti is a Tagalog term for white), Team “Kahoy” or Team Wooden (kahoy is a Tagalog term for wood), Team Ginto or Team Gold (something with touch of gold, “ginto” is a Tagalog term for Gold, or Team Black and White a combination of white and black home ideas. I wonder how would you love to organize your home with the above themes?

For this blog, I will be showing to you some creative and clever ideas under Team Puti (Team White) and Team Kahoy that is everyone’s favorite here in the Philippines. Something that has a touch of white in it without compromising the factors of aesthetics, practicality, durability and affordability.
1. Nordic Pendant Light Chandelier Ceiling Light Cone Dining Light


This metal lampshade has smooth appearance, not prone to get rust, and has exquisite workmanship, durable and is not easy to break. Made of high quality iron material, smooth and rust free, anti-oxidation. This is super aesthetic match with its wooden accent in its cone. Perfect for a ceiling light, if you are not into team white or team kahoy, you can also choose from their other varieties.

2. White Flower Vase Ceramic Nordic Vase Minimalist Aesthetic Vase

Who would not love the accent that these vases give to our households. These are perfect for indoor plants too. Aside from that, these vases look so elegant even for plain decorations, you can add flowers as well depending on your need. I would probably want these white touches in my living room.

3. Vanity Dressing Table |Link:

This dressing table is very chic and has a simple and modern design, with built-in strong storage capacity, making the bedroom look more spacious and beautiful. Quality assurance, more durable. Comes with screws and other tools, easy to install! These must be every girls wish, a vanity table that has it all. Love it truly <3.

4. Cupboard Dishes Kitchen Organizer |Link:

This cupboard dishes kitchen organizer is perfect for a small kitchen area, it has strong storage capacity for your cook wares, storage organizers and perfect for keeping all spots tidy too. I like this being spacious, its three-layer rack will surely help to keep everything in place. This is ideal for everyone who like to see everything in one sight, except for the ones stored in its base layer cabinets that is also perfect for other stuffs. What a lovely cupboard!

5. Shelf books in white |Link:

It’s more organize and relaxing to the eyes when you have a shelf books like this! Viola, it’s more enticing to get that favorite book and organize them after reading in this white bookshelves. For a super tidy fella, this is really a good addition to a living room or to a bed room. A student must look for a shelf like this, aside from its aesthetic look, it has also 4-layer rack which can accommodate all your books and other stuffs.

6. Elegant White Curtains |Link:

A beautiful home must have its elegant curtains! Yes, this white see-through curtain is ideal to add that elegant and stylish living rooms. Made with thin shiny yarn with very high density making the fabric very strong and durable. Change your rooms entire appearance and add a stylish deluxe touch of a fine curtain to your decoration with these beautiful linens.

7. Minimalist TV Cabinet Furniture |Link:

With a simple and modern design, this TV table is elegant and minimalist, perfect also to hold a lot of things and make the room look more spacious and beautiful. This adds extra elegance to a living room, its large countertop can place more items, with an open storage compartment, it is more convenient to take and place items. Its seal cabinets are ideal place for items that need to be saved in the lock door compartment to effectively avoid dust.

8. Cozy Bench Single Sofas |Link:

A living room cannot be complete without a sofa. Good conversation starts at home and it’s nice to be comfortably seated to a cozy and relaxing sofa bench like these. Its durability is tested as it is made of high-quality beech wood, with smooth texture and no burrs. Thickened sponge is comfortable to sit on and has better elasticity. Materials must be firmly connected too, embedded with high-quality thick screw that is strong in bearing, stable and reliable for use. Non slip foot pad, that effectively protect the floor from scratching. Follow ergonomics, create comfortable sitting feeling and enjoy high-quality life.

9. Gradient Carpets “Anti-slip Mat” |Link:

It’s nice to have a brand new and high performance multifunctional rugs, make the space seem pop and welcoming. This aesthetic rugs is beige with a touch of white. I won’t recommend plain white rugs as it is prone to mess and dirt. Its polyester material will also help to remove easily all the dust and dirt on surface. This is a very nice shaggy children bedroom rug, perfect for your boy or girl room. Children like to crawl and roll on the ground, so carpeting in children’s houses can protect their children and let them play as much as they like. Also suitable for home decor, living room rugs, area rugs, nursery for baby crawling, yoga mat etc.

10. Elegant Wooden Bedside Table |Link:

A bed side table is truly one of the must haves at home, everything you have at hand before going to sleep and waiting for that sleepy heads to come would probably grab something to hold. Your cellphone, a book to read, your eye glasses, the remote control, your favorite magazine or anything may it be so small you still need a bedside table. And this bedside table is perfect for your Team Puti and Team Kahoy finds. Aside from its aesthetic look, this is very durable too, you would surely want to have this.

Which one of the above ideas do you like to add in your home? Please let me know, would be glad to know your favorite add-ons for your Team Puti (White) or Team Kahoy (Wooden) organizing ideas at home. Cheers to more beautiful homes!

With lots of love,

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