How to be a successful working wife?

Hi there. I hope everything is well with you. I’m, back again for goodies and sharings:) How are you? I have a lot of things in my plate that I need to manage, most of those are work related. I think I got 80% work related and only 20% for my personal interests. But I am still happy. I felt God uses me to manage my time for my work and for my personal life. In fact, no matter how stressful the work is I still able to smile and hope that everything will be well. In life, there will … Continue reading How to be a successful working wife?

Ginataang Manok Halang-halang Recipe

Hi there! Mga wifeys, for today I will be sharing a cooking recipe that you can prepare for your family. This is a filipino dish that is very simple to prepare, healthy and is delicious. I termed it as Ginataang Manok Halang-Halang Recipe because its main ingredient is coconut milk or “gata” in Filipino, while the word halang-halang is a Bisayan word for “maanghang” in Filipino or spicy in English. So without further ado, here’s the recipe, I hope you will like it 🙂 Ingredients:250 grams of chicken breastminced garlicsliced gingersliced onions400 ml Coco Mama Fresh GataChicken Broth CubeSiling LabuyoSiling … Continue reading Ginataang Manok Halang-halang Recipe

How to please your husband when he is angry?

I love my husband so much, the same way as he loves me. He is my source of strength and also my weakness. Disagreements between couples are normal, we misunderstood each other, disagree, quarrel and later on make peace. When he is angry, I think I become a bit paranoid, at this stage, I’m still in the process of handling lover’s quarrel professionally, haha:) Soon I will list down the usual reasons that our husband gets angry. But to tell you, my husband is not a stubborn one, he is very thoughtful, loving and a caring husband. But when his … Continue reading How to please your husband when he is angry?

10 Tips on How to Adjust to Married life

Hi there, I wish you all the best in your marriage life. I hope it was not so hard for you to adjust in this journey to becoming a wife, welcome to the club! As previously shared to you in my previous blogs, me and my husband just got married this January 2021, and it was great. However, the transition and adjustment period were not easy than I’ve imagined. Way before, I always dream of being a better wife that I could. I’ve listed some of the best habits that I thought I could do to easily adopt and be … Continue reading 10 Tips on How to Adjust to Married life

Top Honeymoon Destinations near Metro Manila

One of the amazing gift of marriage is to spend your life with the person you love the most. I myself look forward to this date. For the eight years++ of being in a relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend, we’ve tried to reserve ourselves for the right time and we’ve looked forward to a church wedding. We are not perfect couple and just like the other couples we argue, make mistakes, tested through thick and thin and remained firmed against the odds. That’s why we wanted something extra for our honeymoon, however, since it was pandemic, we opted to choose … Continue reading Top Honeymoon Destinations near Metro Manila

Top 5 Challenges in a DIY Wedding Preparations

Hi there! I know wedding preparation is a hard thing, and is also time consuming. This is the reason why some bride and grooms choose to have wedding coordinators, but usually costs a bit pricey. This is the reason why a bride/groom switch to a DIY wedding preparations, however, there are challenges that are usually experienced in a do it yourself (DIY) wedding preparations. Disagreements on preferences/taste. In a wedding preparation, there will always be differences in preferences and taste between the bride and the groom. Usually a wedding will consider its themes and motif, and in this aspect, there … Continue reading Top 5 Challenges in a DIY Wedding Preparations