Who should love more in a relationship?

01 October 2022Who should love more in a relationship?, is one of the common questions asked to a couple. Then who should love more? I myself find it hard to answer this question because even in my personal relationship with my husband I cannot tell who should love more. But this question varies from relationship to relationship. Not every man or woman is expressive in showing love, so it is hard to tell if they are really in love with their partner. It really varies, but for me each of the individual partner should define that they are more in … Continue reading Who should love more in a relationship?

31st, blessed and thankful

Hi there, there are so much to be thankful for. Yes, time flies so fast that I can’t imagine I am now 31 years young. Hahaha, yep what made me young? Maybe young at heart, hahahaha. 15 September 2022Tong Yang Plus, SM North EdsaYay, this is my birthday and there’s so much life events that happened of which I am forever grateful to God, always. Some are personal that I can’t share with you for now but maybe later. So, what do you usually do during your birthdays? As for me, I celebrated my 31st at home, thank you Lord … Continue reading 31st, blessed and thankful