One Ramen Day

Hi there, how are you? It’s been awhile and as always I have been silent for the past weeks or months. I truly miss sharing anything under the sun here. How I wish I’d still make you happy and learn on some of the random thoughts that I’ve shared. I just like to share our ramen day with my friends, it’s worth to share because it’s a date with our friends! Aside from that, the place offers really nice ambience to relax and refresh. Here, I’m sharing with some of the pictures that we have. I apologize if I was … Continue reading One Ramen Day

Our wedding anniversary celebration in Boracay💕

Hi there, how are you? Wishing that everyone is safe and healthy in spite of all the challenges that we are facing. I been away from blogging the past months due to busy schedules at work and life. But I really wanted to update this space from time to time. It’s like my life journal on the things that I have been through. It’s amazing that it’s already more than a year ago when I said I do to my hubby. 🥰🥰 Life of a married woman is not easy, full of ups and downs, sweet and not so sweet, … Continue reading Our wedding anniversary celebration in Boracay💕

How to please your husband when he is angry?

I love my husband so much, the same way as he loves me. He is my source of strength and also my weakness. Disagreements between couples are normal, we misunderstood each other, disagree, quarrel and later on make peace. When he is angry, I think I become a bit paranoid, at this stage, I’m still in the process of handling lover’s quarrel professionally, haha:) Soon I will list down the usual reasons that our husband gets angry. But to tell you, my husband is not a stubborn one, he is very thoughtful, loving and a caring husband. But when his … Continue reading How to please your husband when he is angry?