Welcoming Motherhood!

What gives you direction in life?

Finally a mom 🤗🥰🥰

I never really expected and wished to undergo C-Section in childbirth but I did!!! Hello there mommy, how’s life? It’s been a month and 2 weeks when I undergone C-section, and thank God for the successful operation and for our healthy little one. I am a mommy finally!

March 26, 2023, marked my 40 weeks pregnancy and still I am not into labor. From my 38 to 40 weeks of pregnancy, have done lots of exercises from walking, squats, yoga, dancing & stretching but still no signs of labor. My OBGYN constantly monitored my status and advised me that if still no signs of labor on my 40th week, I had to be admitted to C-section.

Then fast forward my 40th week came and still no signs of labor, no pain, no breaking of water bag, feeling normal and I’m starting to feel worried on what happened to the baby, why I am not still into labor, my cervix is not dilated at all (0 cm, closed cervix), lots of questions inside me…should I give it more days of waiting hoping that I can still make it normal, is the baby ok or maybe she could have taken the first poop or medically known as meconium stained in the amniotic fluid that is dangerous to the baby?

March 26, 2023. I couldn’t forget that morning where I requested my brother to send us to the hospital for initial check. Supposedly the plan is that 1.) 7am of 26th March have to be checked first if my cervix has opened and if it has opened even only 1cm, hubby will get the medicine from the OBGYN’s clinic yes because the clinic of our OBGYN only caters normal deliveries, CS and induce labor has to be taken in the affiliate hospital of my OBGYN. Then if all good proceed to 2.) induce labor which the meds will be taken from OB’s clinic, bring it to the hospital and the nurses will facilitate the induce labor which is approximately will finish by 12noon, and 3.) hoping that my cervix will open and succeed to normal delivery (which usually take another 6hrs). So the process is likely to take 14 hrs in total (approx).

So there the moment of truth, 7:10 to be exact we arrived at the hospital and proceed to admission, there hubby has to fill-in forms lots of forms :). While filling-up, have received a text message from our OBGYN asking if I am already at the hospital because she is actually in there already as she had an operation done to a patient at 6am which finished off around 7. That’s why OB was still there. Very timely that instead of being checked by the resident nurses in the hospital, I will be checked and handled by my OB (as she is there that time). So I headed to the recovery room actually at first and was checked if my cervix is open or not. Unfortunately still I am 0cm dilated (cervix closed). There, I was rechecked also by another nurse for 2nd opinion, and still the same closed cervix. I was advised that I have to deliver the baby thru C-section as it is unsafe for the baby to be overdue.

Without hesitation, and just full trust to my OB and to God, I give my consent to proceed to C-section. After that, I was inserted with apparatus (catheter, dextrose, not sure what else was injected) then was brought to the operating room for the C-section. My OB will also be the one who will do the operation together with her team. I think it was around 7:30 when I was brought to the Operating room, then was given anesthesia, was placed in the operating table and things were like so fast, around 7:59 baby was out, I have heard my baby crying and my happy tears were falling, the operating team congratulated me for a healthy baby girl. Unfortunately, the baby has taken meconium and had her umbilical cord in her neck ( this is the reason why she had not reached into the pelvic area, I think??? which leave me not into labor).

The baby had to be given medications for 7 days, new born screening was also conducted, thank God all areas checked are normal. I have to be separated from my baby, as I am in my recovery room already but baby has to be in NICU for recovery as well. After the operation, I am out of words but thanksgiving to God for the guidance and safe delivery. I am so blessed that the time for all these happenings happened are very timely, all required staff are there, my Ob was also there, it was perfect timing. I can say that my little one is a miracle baby, without God’s intercession, we could have lost her. The meconium that she had taken is a danger to her life and may poison her inside mg tummy if delivery was delayed. We are very grateful to God for everything and is always grateful to Dra Rowena C. Duenas (our OBGYN) for her help and expert advises to my pregnancy journey.

Finally, I am now a mommy… it is very happy and heart warming to welcome Motherhood. Cheers for good life ahead.

Lovelots, mommy Mira 🥰🤗🤗

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