Dealing Postpartum and Motherhood

Motherhood is truly challenging and rewarding journey. I am now at my 8 weeks postpartum and it feels fulfilling in spite of the many challenges along the way.

1. Childbirth. I can’t forget when my happy tears are flowing continuously by the time I heard the first cry of my child. I had undergone C-section and the pain after the operation is terrible. Each mother has different experiences in childbirth, may it normal or C-section. However, it is worth all the pain to have and hold your little one.

2. Recovery after childbirth. After my C-section, I have rested (bed rest) for a night and the next day I am encouraged to get up and walk little by little. This is the most painful from the recovery process , the first time you have to get-up from the operation, where the anesthesia had gone up that you can now feel excruciating pain (I think I have like 10 minutes before I have finally lift-up my body from sleeping position, I also had cried at times thinking that I can’t make it through.

3. The baby blues. After the childbirth, a mother especially new moms commonly experiences mood swings, emotional instability, crying and restlessness, extreme happiness or extreme sadness. You won’t really understand why you felt that way. And you will seem to be too vulnerable with your emotions. All mommies deserve a happy heart and an amazing support system to get through this.

4. Mothering. Motherhood is a noble thing and I believe someone wouldn’t understand the value of a mother until she becomes one. I am more proud to my mother when I realized how hard is it is to become a mom. Now that I am at my 8 weeks postpartum, I have drawn strength to my daughter and trying my best to be a better person everyday and be a better mother to my daughter.

5. Living blessed, thankful and hopeful. My heart is full with love because I found love with our God for blessing us with a beautiful baby. God is truly gracious and is faithful to His promises. Forever blessed ✨🥰

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