How does it feel at 39th weeks preggy?

Time flies so fast, now at my 39th week as I have written in my blog yesterday. And aside from feelings of excitement, I cannot deny the physical challenges that a 39-week preggy feels.

Yey, almost there, hang on there little buddy!! 🥳🥰

From week 1 to week 38, I think I have managed all the pregnancy symptoms that a pregnant woman will experience. I am glad that I have limited morning sickness, and was able to balance my pregnancy alongside with work and house chores. Though it was not an easy thing knowing that those times I am more careful and cautious with the way I move and the way I eat.

> Late of my 38th weeks. I can feel my tummy to be heavier, and got more kicks from the baby. I can even feel her in my pelvic area wanting to drop anytime. Thought I would give birth by 38th weeks because I can feel light contractions during these weeks. Guess while writing this blog I am on my queue to a Congenital Anatomy Scan (CAS) in the lying-in clinic that I am planning to give birth. It is exciting to know that there are lots of pregnant women in here as well who are also excited to finally give birth.

I know we have differences on how we have this journey and by fas for me this is worth it.

Last week, I have done another series of lab tests to check my overall health, and thankful that I have normal results for all the tests.

> 39 weeks!!! Anytime from now, the baby is ready to go out and is due to go out. This week by 25th is my expected due date and that’s 5 days to go as of writing. At my 39th, I can feel lots of kicks, with light pains in my pelvic area, back pains as well in my pelvic area, and I feel less comfortable to sit or to lay down than usual. I can also feel light contractions which ai thought I am really into giving birth already. So far no water bag breaking this time. They said, when water breaks plus the labor pains, that’s the right time to go to the doctor.

> What to prepare? I always start my answer to this question as — to prepare ourselves. Aside from being physically, mentally emotionally prepared and the rest of the aspects to prepare, we also have to be prepared even before the 39th week our maternity bags (because anytime from now, the baby’s gonna go out). It is calming that we have our maternity bags ready anytime right.

Other than the essential maternity bag, I also have prepared stuffs for the baby (clothes, newborn diaper, milk bottles, and her crib) yes got our crib already and I really love that purchase. Will definitely take lots of picture of our little one into that crib.

What’s for now?

For now, I just want to have positive mindset that everything will be alright, and the delivery will normal, healthy, & successful. To all Team March preggy mommies out there, we can do this!

Cheers and lovelots,


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