Getting ready for childbirth

As a first time mom here, I am truly excited and a bit nervous. Placing all of my trust to God that everything will be alright. Amen 🙏🥰🤗

Today, based on the app that I have installed, I am now at my 39th weeks and day 1 of my pregnancy journey. Yay, time flies so fast that I can still remember it fresh the first time I just tried testing a pregnancy kit and knew that yes I am pregnant — it’s positive! And now, I’m near to my expected due date. Can’t wait, I am excited to have and hold our little one. Hubby has been very supportive with my needs (from food cravings which I don’t really have that much, check-ups, requests, and more).

🥰The feeling. I am really excited though we still have lots to grow and learn when it comes to parenting. A first timer will surely grasp things from scratch, so thanks for the advises we have from our families and friends.

🥰Parenthood as an instinct. One of my friends also told me that, it will be instinct that will help us go through with parenting journey. The how to, what to do, and the rest, you will get there when you get there. You will learn over time. So I don’t have to stress myself so much but rather to enjoy this journey and to have positive mindset that everything will be alright.

🥰What to prepare. The preparations vary from parent to parent or from pregnant to pregnant. But the best preparation for me is starting it within yourself (yes, within us mommies). From the food we eat, the habits we take, the emotions we invest, everything will start within us). The first time I have my check-up with my OBGYN, I was given list of things that I should and should not do ( the do’s and dont’s) the food to eat and not to eat, the vitamins to take and other reminders. Have also read a lot and heard a lot from different people their versions of dos and don’ts. Honestly, I am not 100% obedient with these things, I broke some and followed some. Sometimes, I crave eating sweets, and love to drink sodas 😦 though the doctor said to avoid taking sodas or cold drinks because these will make the baby weight more. Too much is not healthy, as long as you take it in moderation, I think that’s ok 🙂 (giving myself reasons that it’s ok to break some expert advises hahaha)

🥰No such thing as perfect. Everyone will have to say different opinions or pregnancy tips but we as the mother/father has the overall responsibility which to take and which not to. There’s no perfect parenting, no perfect pregnancy, everyone varies, so stop the overthinking and just be the best version we can be to our little ones.

🥰We can do it. A positive mindset should remind us that we can do it, we can make it! Every pregnancy journey to parenting journey is different and remember we are the role models of our little ones. The feeling that made us excited in having a child should be an inspiration for us to still strive and keep going as we nurture and take care our children on becoming the person they want to be.

Cheers for a healthy pregnancy for all the pregnant women out there. And wishing every woman who wish to become pregnant will finally be blessed with a child. In God’s perfect time, amen!

To more kwentuhan and random talks mommies!



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