Getting Pregnant at 30’s

Hello there, this may be a crazy topic but why not? Pregnancy is one of the best gifts a woman can have or a couple can have to start a family. And it’s nice to share things a woman at 30’s learn about this milestone (at my 30’s) 🤗

We have different views on pregnancy, having a baby is a blessing, not everyone is gifted with the capacity to conceived, and not everyone even capable of conceiving prefers to get pregnant. Pregnancy is a decision, a responsibility, it’s being ready for something significant milestone to look forward and considering the different aspects of your life (physical, mental, emotional, psychological, your whole being).being pregnant at my 30’s, I am looking forward to a blessing as another little me that is half me and half the man of my life is being gifted to me.

So going back to our topic, how is it getting pregnant at my 30’s?

1. A first time mom, first baby. Me and my husband has been married for 2 years now, and we’re lovers since 2012. Our idea of having a baby and sex is kind of conservative, where we want to reserve these things after marriage. And we are very blessed to finally have our first baby after two years of our marriage. As a first time mother, I am excited and bit nervous hoping that everything is healthy and normal in my pregnancy and our baby. Thinking of the food to eat to give the baby the right nutrition, the right amount of sleep, the correct exercise, these are some of the things that I usually think, I admit it’s hard to give our 100% best especially being a working wife trying to be hands-on at home. I wish everyone has the resources to make their pregnancy at their best.

2. The morning sickness. Yes, this is inevitable but varies from one person to another. I am fortunate enough that I have limited morning sickness, I only have hard time taking up my vitamins regularly. The taste of the iron tablet is very bad for me which usually make me vomit. Later on, I learn to adopt to its taste and take it as a normal vitamin. I would not compare the experiences of other pregnant women whom find it hard to handle their morning sickness (the vomit, mood swings, frequent urination, nausea, etc.)

3. Hormonal changes and mood swings. You really have to be patient their pregnant women, pregnancy is not a joke. Going through all the hormonal changes, weight gain, stretchmarks in the belly, blackening of underarms even the neck part, and bikini area, sensitive sense of smell and a lot more! Yaaah, which part can you relate to? A lot of changes will happen to a pregnant woman in her 9-month pregnancy journey. These all have different impact to a pregnant mom, but all of these are worth it. It is ideal to just enjoy the pregnancy and be positive in handling all of these along the way.

4. Unusual cravings. Speaking of cravings, what do you crave for? Is there a specific food that you always wanted to eat? Or just an abrupt decision to eat that or this kind of food? In my case, I really don’t have a specific cravings, no specific food that I like to eat, I eat everything with no cravings. 🙂

5. Above all, pregnancy is a blessing from God, and being blessed with the capacity to bear a child is truly a blessing. To all the mommies, and soon to be mommies out there, I am praying all the best for us. May we all have a healthy and happy pregnancy journey and a healthy, beautiful and blessed little ones too.

Cheers to all mommas!



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