What inspires a wife to keep going?

13 October 2022
One of the most challenging roles in a woman’s life is becoming a wife. When you enter marriage you must be ready for another challenging journey. The husband and wife relationship will start and there are more things that you will discover with your spouse. This time you will get to know more your spouse and will discover his/her strengths and weaknesses. A woman, a lover, a partner, a mom, a wife an all in one, trying to balance everything in between. As it is said, the husband is the head of the family, he is the King, while the wife is the light of the family and of course, the Queen. So you are not a wife without a husband. Vice versa, your husband makes you a wife.

Women have different aspirations in life, and it changes from time to time especially when some factors will impact the way they plan their lives.
However, as a wife and a mother-to-be, I believed that we become more of a woman when we become what we aspires ourselves to be. But, reaching our aspirations entails inspirations too to get going, and to keep going!

So what makes a wife inspired? As for me, here are the things that makes me inspired as a wife which include the following:
1. I am loved and supported by my husband. In the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony it is said that the husband and wife becomes one. Thus, the love and support of our husband plays a big part for us to be inspired to keep going. Remember, you cannot feel being loved without loving them in return as well. Thus, it’s always love, love and just keep loving and be inspired. It is very important to support each other, as what is said, it takes two to tango!
2. My husband values and trust my judgement. In a relationship especially in marriage, it is important to be trusted. However, trust comes from different factors, one of those is being able to come-up with value judgement as to decision-making. It should be both the husband and the wife to brainstorm what decision to take, and weights its consequences. It makes me inspire to impart into our decision makings especially on significant areas.
3. My plans are coming to reality. It’s always a dream of everyone who plans on achieving something, that those plans are coming to reality. I am inspired to keep going and doing my best on everything when everything falls into pieces. But, how can we make our plans into reality, it must entails right timing, consistent effort, dedication, love and passion to what you are doing.
4. I received constructive criticisms for me to improve. It’s not always favorable words and appreciation in every circumstances. We are not perfect, we make mistakes, thus, we must open ourselves to constructive criticisms from the people around us. Just remind yourself “constructive” something that will improve you not destruct you to keep going. Learn to listen and reflect which way you need to improve, there’s always room for improvement along the way. Be open for suggestions, recommendations and be inspired more as the more you received constructive criticisms, it means more people cared for you and look up to you.
5. I am a blessing to other people. It’s a nice feeling to be a blessing to other people. If there’s one prayer that I always asked to God is to be a blessing to other people. It is very inspiring that what we worked for will not just benefit ourselves but the people around us–strangers or not. Sometimes, we are not aware how we have blessed other people, but one sure thing is showing kindness. It’s always free to be kind to others. I still remember one of the advises that the priest gave tome during our pre-wedding seminars are to do little act of kindness everyday. Even the smallest thing, you wouldn’t know, that smallest thing is something big to someone else. We can never tell, as long as we do that from the heart, go on just keep going.

So how about you? What makes you inspire to keep going?

To more inspired journey to us dearies!
Lots of love,

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