Why cats are so adorable?

2 October 2022
I grew up having stray cats with us, but I am not a cat lover way back my childhood. I prefer to take care of dogs than cats. I remember having a dog at my childhood. I named him “mayumi”, that was an “Aspin” or asong pinoy, a purely Pinoy breed dog. However, it was with me for months only, I was not able to focus on taking care of him. I remember him vomit alot, and mother said maybe mayumi was able to eat poisonous food or beaten by a wild animal. We are living in a countryside by the way that time. Losing my dog was really hard for me because I learn to treat mayumi not just a pet but part of the family. After that incident, I did not take care a dog anymore, instead have our stray cats as our pets.

Now that I am married, my husband loves cats so much and we decided to have our first cat as our wedding gift. Our first cat is Lucca, she is a British fur baby, have mentioned her also in one of my previous blogs.
So now I am now a furmommy and is a Certified meowmie because I learn to love cats mainly because of my husband.
Why cats are adorable?

1. Most cats are shy babies, thus if they are clingy and sweet to you, that means they love you. Cats are less attention-seeker than dogs, and it will surely melt your heart when a cat is clingy to you.
2. Cats know how to groom themselves, they can clean themselves after eating or after peeing. So you won’t worry so much of grooming them. However in our case, we try to give them bath at least once a month to keep them smiling fresh and fresh.
3. They are effortlessly cute and simply adorable. Our cats added colors to our first year of marriage especially not having a child yet in our first year of marriage. We have our first cat Lucca, then after how few months we added Vicca in the family and they’re so adorable. Though it will also require lots of love, patience, and time to take care of them, having them relieve our stress from a tough day at work.
4. Cats are easy to be litter-trained. They know exactly where to pee or poop. They also good in making sure that after peeing, they will cover it with litter sand. No need to spend diapers, you can trust them, they are smart pets.
5. Cats are said to be protector from bad spirits, have read it several times that cats protect their fur parents against spirits which we humans cannot see. Sounds amazing right, if they really have that kind of gift, we fur parents must be really lucky!

These are just the few reason why cats are effortlessly adorable. Who would not want to have a cat. Sharing with you some of the pictures that we have with our fur-babies.

Hope you will find love with pets as well, and to have them not just pets but part of your family.
To more adorable pets for you,

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