Who should love more in a relationship?

01 October 2022
Who should love more in a relationship?, is one of the common questions asked to a couple. Then who should love more?
I myself find it hard to answer this question because even in my personal relationship with my husband I cannot tell who should love more. But this question varies from relationship to relationship. Not every man or woman is expressive in showing love, so it is hard to tell if they are really in love with their partner. It really varies, but for me each of the individual partner should define that they are more in love with their opposite partner.

If you will ask me, I think I love more my husband because of so many reasons that I can imagine I am loving him beyond his shortcomings and imperfections. However, if you will ask my husband, he will also stand firm that he loves more than how I love him.
I can’t question how my husband loves me because that is his way of loving me which I also love in return. Same way with my husband, he’s loving the way I loved him. For me, love is immeasurable, we are beyond who we are when we love someone. We can be patient, understanding, we sacrifice, we humble ourselves, submit to our partners and beyond those little things that we can’t imagine we are.

Many of the readings that I have ready said that I is better if a man loves more, because he will keep the strong hold in the relationship. However, do you know that too much love will kill you? Hahahaha, just kidding. So, I think the measure of love is immeasurable, it is not quantifiable. It just needs acceptance that that is the kind of love that your partner can give.

This love is also magical, because true love grows true and true as days go by. True love make you a better lover, and will make you know how to properly give love to your partner. That way, it will make balance of the needs of each partner, and will fill each love tank with the right love they wanted.

Indeed, when asked who loves the most in the relationship, my answer would be the kind of love we have is immeasurable and unquantifiable. We just love the way we love each other. ❤
With this question, I think this is associated with what are the factors present that you can tell that you are loved? And my personal picks would be just love, trust, faithfulness, support and respect.

What about you? How will you answer if asked about ” Who should love more in a relationship?”

Praying for a love so strong for everyone, and a love that is pure, immeasurable and a love that continuously grows as time goes by.

Stay in love and be loved,

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