31st, blessed and thankful

Hi there, there are so much to be thankful for. Yes, time flies so fast that I can’t imagine I am now 31 years young. Hahaha, yep what made me young? Maybe young at heart, hahahaha.

15 September 2022
Tong Yang Plus, SM North Edsa
Yay, this is my birthday and there’s so much life events that happened of which I am forever grateful to God, always. Some are personal that I can’t share with you for now but maybe later. So, what do you usually do during your birthdays? As for me, I celebrated my 31st at home, thank you Lord for the opportunity to work from home. As I am just a new joiner in a company that I am with, I don’t have paid leaves yet and I don’t have the guts to take unpaid leaves either.
So I have my day something special normal day, because we decided not to prepare so much but planned to spend a dinner with my hubby and my mom at a buffet. Wow buffet? would it be a good choice for a dinner? we choose to either have our dinner at Vikings SM North Edsa or to Tong Yang Plus. We usually choose Vikings, but this time we decided to eat at Tong Yang Plus, besides I haven’t tried dining in there, so for a first timer, let’s get a try, (why not?)

Tong Yang Plus SM North Edsa (My personal review, yay not a food blogger own opinions only)
1. Tong Yang Plus (based on research is also partnered with the Vikings Group), thus, foodwise delicious and has broad varieties to choose from. However, Tong Yang Plus has lesser ready to eat food than Vikings, I think it’s because most are enjoy through a cook and dine experience.
2. Tong Yang Plus has a grill and hotpot buffet restaurant experience which serve common cooked Asian dishes like sinigang, laksa, seafood, and a samgyup experience too (I think?). Not so familiar with the other foods, but what I loved the most is that we can prepare our own soup over fun conversations. I love the most is the availability of the ingredients (fish, meats, veggies, condiments that are available in the counter).
3. Love also the sweets and desserts available (from ice cream, halo-halo, cakes, etc.)
4. For the price, Tong Yang Plus is cheaper than Vikings, and you can grab that perk if you dine in on the day of your birthday because its gonna be free, given that you have 1 paying adult with you. 🙂
5. For anyone who likes cooking, I think you will like the place, which you can choose your choice of soup, your ingredients and enjoy cooking as well.
6. Overall, I love it here and I can say that I like it more in Tong Yang because I love to cook and still have a luxury to choose different ready to eat dishes available.

Not a good food blogger, that’s why I will instead share some of the pics and vids that we have that dinner. Got very few vids, hope you like it.

Yay, wala pa kaming naluto hehehe 🥰🥰
Here, preparing our soup and the ingredients. My stomach is already hungry and angry, yay!
Cooking time, we got seafood, sinigang na salmon and laksa. Though hubby is not sure if he is cooking the laksa soup with the right ingredients hahahaha.

With much love,

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