Pampanga Pottery Adventure

Address: Balut St, Santo Tomas, Pampanga, Philippines
📍Pin Address for Map Apps: Bondocville (NHA) Sapa Sto. Nino) Sto Tomas Pampanga

27 September 2022
Hi there, how’s everything? Praying that all is well, and everyone is safe.
here in the Philippines, some parts of our country was terribly hit by the typhoon Karding and badly needed immediate assistance. Please pray for all of those who were affected to be able to recover soonest, and that the government will be able to aid sufficient support for the needs of the people. A lot of houses were flooded and some lose lives. 😦 God help our nation!

Sorry for that sad introduction, but hey I’m back and I miss my little space here 😀 How’s everyone again? Well, as for me I am good and is adjusting to lots of changes happening lately in my personal life of which I will share to you later on, hopefully but no promises as I sometimes or most of the times is very occupied with lots of stuff.

But hey there, I am actually here to share with you our adventure in Pampanga Pottery last September 18, that was Sunday. And wouldn’t be possible to be there without our friends who love nature sights and of course the love for food!

So what’s in Pampanga Pottery what you will surely love? Aside from its just an hour or two from our residence (Valenzuela to Pampanga) so that is via NLEX. Here’s what you will love with Pampanga Pottery and the fun facts about what they offer.
Pampanga Pottery and Agritourism Park
Address: Balut St, Santo Tomas, Pampanga, Philippines
1. No Entrance Fee
2. Enjoy Pottery Experience
🌸Pottery Session (with friendly staff)
🌸Pottery wheel rental (as of writing it is Php300 per person)
🌸Pottery clay (provided for free)
🌸Perk is that you can bring home your final pot! (You can come back after a week as they have to process the drying of the pot, or you have the option also to brig the pot and dry it at your home(good if you have an oven- “pugon”)
3. 🥚Egg Alkansya Painting (Giant Egg with Paint Kit)
4. ☕️Coffee and food to enjoy🍹. The park offers variety of food and drinks that you can choose from. 🙂
5. Choose from their variety of pots available at their reasonable prices (factory prices!!!💰)Pots ranges from Php40 and above.
6. Kids are welcome, (yes pwede ang mga kiddos)

There’s more (but in our visit we were not able to try these activities):
1. Rabbit Feeding🐇
2. Silkie Chicken🐓
3. Duck Feeding🦢
4. Fishing 🐟(you can rent fishing rod or you can also bring your own fishing tools) I think the catch will be paid accordingly 🙂
For updates you can follow their Facebook page Pampanga Pottery.

Overall, it was a great experience, enjoying the place, it’s nice when the weather is good. In our case, we visited there around 11 in the morning, and it was sunny. Our friend’s son tried pottery experience and the heat of the sun dries the pot partially, in which they were able to bring the pot at home and have it continue its drying process using a “pugon”. We truly love the gift of arts and appreciate how these fellows love pottery and their gift and craftsmanship in every detail of their pottery. For sure “plantitas” and “plantitos” will love going their and purchase in bulks those beautiful potteries.

Sharing here our pictures, because memories lasts forever. ❤


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