Our British Short Hair Kittens Had Given Birth😻😻

Hello there, happy Caturday! Today is June 18, 2022 and it’s Saturday here in the Philippines. I am just very excited to finally have our grand children (hehehe) just kidding. But yes, our furbabies had given birth with very adorable kittens.

First, our Lucca. We thank the Lord for the five beautiful babies of Lucca 🙏 though baby number 1 is not anymore with us, it’s gone too early. Still very thankful to God for Lucca’s 4 healthy little cuties 💓

Lucca gave birth early morning, it was late when we discovered that her first baby is out already, di namin alam if it was dead inside her tummy or nawalan sya ng buhay outside na. When we saw the babies, there are two more na katabi nya pero di sila totally natanggal sa placental sac kaya we assisted her para inurse nya yung mga babies nya at makahinga. And another 2 came out, five sila in total but the first baby ay talagang wala ng breathing. 🥲
Above all, super nakakaproud si Lucca, being trying herself to be independent, she is very responsible mommy cat to her babies. 🥰🥰
Thankful to Elite Furs Philippines for Lava’s genes, nalahian ng malulusog at magagandang babies si Lucca. 🙏🥰
*For baby number one, we call her fallen pero para di naman masakit instead of fallen she well be remembered as pollen “pollen grains inspired name 😹”, yung body nya nilagay namin sa paso and we planted prayer plant on it. Ito ang natitirang ala-ala ng first baby ni Lucca🥹🥹
Hindi pala talaga biro maging fur parent, hopeful na masupport namin si Lucca sa pag-aalaga ng babies nya. 🥰💓

First picture after Lucca gave birth to her adorable babies. Pagod na pagod ang Lucca namin 😻🥰
Hello babies 🥰🥰 Lucca’s babies.
Here is baby Pollen, the first born of Lucca, now she blooms in heaven. 😻😻
Two chocolate, and 2 lilac. So cutie babies 🥰🥰
Hello there, I’m still a baby, I can’t open my eyes yet.
Baby chocolate, I can now open my eyes.
Too cute 😻🥰🥰
Basket of kittens 🥰🥰
Do I look adorable?

Second, our Vicca.

It’s been two weeks since Vicca and Lucca gave birth. Yes kasama si Vicca, but Vicca’s birth has been challenging kaya we decided to wait a little time to share her delivery.
Vicca and Odin of Elite Furs Philippines are blessed with 4 beautiful babies. Vicca delivered her first born on May 27, (10:30 pm)but it was a premature baby. Later on di nya kinaya at kinain din mismo ni Vicca ang baby nya. 🥲 Akala namin isa lang ang baby ni Vicca, the next day we brought Vicca to a vet clinic to further check if may naiwan pang baby sa tyan nya. The vet told us na wala na syang makapa na baby, at wala din silang facility for ultrasound. Have asked where in Valenzuela we can go to a vet with ultrasound facility pero ang sabi ng vet nasa QC daw ang pinakamalapit sa amin. Ang advise was to observe Vicca since wala naman syang discharge and walang signs of sickness.
Fast forward, ng May 30, quarter to 12mm na while me and hubby are praying nakarinig kami ng meow ng kitten sa ilalim ng kama, we thought na nagpaparamdam ang baby ni Vicca hehehe, but when hubby checked nanganganak pala si Vicca sa ilalim, may lumabas na isa, tapos nasundan pa ng dalawa 🥹🥹 naiyak kami sa saya and naguiguilty din kasi di namin sya nadala sa other vet clinic na may ultrasound buti nalang at di sya napaano at nailabas naman safely yung mga babies nya.
So inayos namin mga babies nya sa isang corner, but Vicca wanted her baby sa kaila-ilaliman ng kama namin yung area na di mo talaga mareach pag di mo imomove yung kama.🥹
Hirap kami ni hubby isupport sya sa pag-aalaga nya sa mga babies nya lalo pa at first time mommy din sya tapos parang di pa nagsink-in sa kanya pagiging mother nya. Ito namang si Lucca, akala nya kanyang babies yung na kay Vicca kaya kinukuha din nya from Vicca yung mga babies at nilagay kasama ng mga babies nya.
2 of the 3 babies ni Vicca ay di nakasurvive dahil nanghihina at di rin nakapagmilk ng maayos kay Lucca dahil malalakas at malalaki na yung babies ni Lucca, nadadaganan lang sila. While the remaining baby ni Vicca ibibalik namin sa ilalim ng kama with Vicca’s motherhood, hinayaan namin si Vicca maging mommy sa natitira nyang baby. Ngayon, 2 week-old na din baby ni Vicca, halos hawig ni din ni Vicca ang kulay. 🥰Thanks God for another addition to the family. 🙏 Hindi talaga biro mahing fur parent need careful monitoring and support din sa kanila, ang hirap lang dahil pag working days naiiwanan namin sila. But Vicca is improving so much naging responsible mother na sya sa baby cat nya. 🥹🥰

Vicca’s premature baby. 🥲🥲
These are the 3 more babies of Vicca. But only one of them survived.
This is the only one baby of Vicca which survived. Praying that it will love healthy and live long with us.
Adorable paw 😻😻
Lucca regained strength again, vitamins time with meowdie🤩🤩

Can’t wait to see these babies grow more. 😽

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