Talisayen Cove Zambales

Hello there, I just want to share our Talisayen Cove travel experience. It was truly fun and memorable one, I love to go back so soon. 🥰🥰

Instead of deleting the pics that I still have in my phone I would rather share in here some of pur beautiful pictures together. Why not?

Sorry it’s been 2 months ago but, it’s better late than never. Hope you will love them too.

Look at this beautiful panoramic view, it is captured from the top of the hill where we have our trekking.
Still a beautiful view above the hill, such a wonder.
Can you see the river? On the side of the cove, there is a river however it is not maintained well, and maybe because of the hot weather, the water runs dry.
Just the lovely view of nature 🥰🥰🥰
The beautiful cove🥰🥰
Beautiful sunrise🥰🥰🥰
It’s nice to travel with you🥰
Bangka mode going to Talisayen 🥰
Hello there, you can rent kubos and cabanas here. There’s shared comfort rooms as well for you to use. You can set-up tent, bbq grills and camping paraphernalia’s here too.
Enjoying the beach with our friends. 🥰🥰

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