Our wedding anniversary celebration in Boracay💕

Hi there, how are you? Wishing that everyone is safe and healthy in spite of all the challenges that we are facing.

I been away from blogging the past months due to busy schedules at work and life. But I really wanted to update this space from time to time. It’s like my life journal on the things that I have been through. It’s amazing that it’s already more than a year ago when I said I do to my hubby. 🥰🥰

Life of a married woman is not easy, full of ups and downs, sweet and not so sweet, cries and laughs, but all of those are worth it because you choose to be a wife of the person you want to be with for the rest of your life.

I will forever be thankful for having a man like my husband, God truly destined us to be with someone whom we can share our life as one, everyone deserves that💕

We planned to spend our 1st wedding anniversary late last year around December 2021, and we booked to Boracay, it is one of the most travelled and most beautiful destinations here in the Philippines. Who wouldn’t be amazed with the crystal clear and bluish sea water, the fine sand and the refreshing ambience. No wonder everyone likes to visit here in Boracay. So do I, it is our 2nd time to travel with just the two of us, I mean travel farther by land or air. Yep, as I have shared in one of my blogs that we are 8years++ together as boyfriend and girlfriend but we don’t have the chance to travel overnight, farther by just the two of us. Why? we tend to save 😅 and my mother is strict to this she won’t allow us, you know (mothers know best 🤪). Thankful that are bf and gf life was filled with beautiful travel memories with family and friends 🥰🥰🥰

So here we are, all I can say is it’s worth to visit Boracay. You will surely enjoy being here too with the beautiful and pristine beaches and delicious foods too. 🥰🥰 Speaking of dood which restaurant do you recommend here?

Sharing you here our pictures 🤩🤩🤩

Day 1, just wandering around the beach side and exploring foods here.
Look at this pristine fine sand 💕
Let’s go somewhere 🥰🥰
Beachin’ common!
What a night life 🤩🤩
For safety, we are still required to wear face mask. 🥲 Please, bring back the normal life 🙏
Let’s go for a walk?

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