One Ramen Day

Hi there, how are you?

It’s been awhile and as always I have been silent for the past weeks or months. I truly miss sharing anything under the sun here. How I wish I’d still make you happy and learn on some of the random thoughts that I’ve shared.

I just like to share our ramen day with my friends, it’s worth to share because it’s a date with our friends! Aside from that, the place offers really nice ambience to relax and refresh.

Here, I’m sharing with some of the pictures that we have. I apologize if I was not able to take lots of pictures, (1st) because of the limited time that we have, there’s a lot of customers on queue that’s why we have to observe our time inside the Ramen House, (2nd) when our food came in, I choose to enjoy my food than to take pictures hahaha, (3rd) I limit my movements, have to observe safety protocols (due to COVID) and was able to roam around that much.

So, where is this Ramen House located?

Table A, Ramen + Chats
Table B, we wish to have our tables closer but due to safety protocol, we have it in distance.
Wifey & Hubby🥰
📍Surugin Ramen House
Craving for these while I’m uploading photos 🤩🤩
Do you like the place? So do I.
Would you like to come in 🤩🤩
This is the entrance of the Ramen House 🥰🥰
Can you see the menu with its prices?

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