How to treat ear mites in cats?

This is an ongoing post which I like to share to everyone who has cats.

Look at you, sick but still very cute.

I don’t want you to suffer the pain that I am going through looking at our fur baby- Lucca. Just last week, we have observed that she is scratching her ear so hard. Both of me and Chard do ear check from time to time. However, last week we’ve been a bit busy preparing things this Christmas season.

Last Sunday, Chard checked on Lucca’s ear and was shocked to see that Lucca’s ear was i fected severely by ear mites. Her ear has ruptures maybe due to scratches that Lucca does to her ear. It’s her right ear that is most affected. Inside her ear has yellowish fluids and bloody in the outer canal.

Poor Lucca, she remained strong despite of this infection. I have been cleaning her ear very gently and applied earmiticides on it. It has been two days since we found out her condition, and as observed, the ear canals are getting dry compare to the last time we found it out.

How can this happened?

Actually we don’t really know how she got ear mites, her younger sister Vicca has health ears. Hopefully it won’t be contagious to Vicca or to other cats. I think, as Lucca is very fond of going outside, maybe she was able to catch the mites from the other cats outside, or maybe due to the environment? We can’t really tell, these two cats are not so much exposed to other cats because they only go outside under supervision and with limited time.

How we treated her?

For now, we have been applying earmiticides into her ears and hoping that her infection be healed soonest. It has been very hard to take a leave of absence this December as we are also busy at work. Our last resort, is to bring her to a vet to have her ears be checked and to get proper diagnosis. But, we are still hopeful that her infection will subside and the ear canal gets dry this week.

It is really painful to see our cat suffers. Every time I apply the earmiticide to her ear, she is very cooperative.

Will update you soonest about Lucca’s condition. Prayerfully hoping that she will get healed soonest. 🙏💓

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