When you fall, get back & rise… my bicycle story🚴🏻‍♀️💓

Have you experienced being so excited on something even if you are in outmost fear in doing it?

Hey, this is not my bike, but how I wish I have this kind🤩🤩🤩

I think I am in second year of College when I have last driven a bike. I also have my first drive in a bike and learned it in my College years on how to balance a bicycle. I felt so great when I made it, learn to balance and drive it by my own!!!

College years was I think 2010, you may now compute how old I am 😂🤭. It was just a short journey with our bicycle because it lost and broke some of its parts due to overused? Because we use and practice everyday, we because I am with my sister and brother as well. I learned that it will take a lot of practices to make things perfect. That time I am at my 20’s as well, I thought it’s too late for me to learn to ride a bicycle, but I’d still able to drive it by my own.


1. There’s no overnight success. Very simple lesson which I learned over through my daily practices in riding a bicycle. It took me a lot of days and time to balance the bicycle and keep it moving. Getting into what you want in life, takes time, takes patience and determination to make it through. So if you want to achieve something, quitting is not an option. If you think it’s the only way, then maybe it is still so early to let it go and quit.

2. No pain, no gain. Absolutely, I remember I got lots of bruises and scratches from every downfalls, bumps and out of balances that I made through out my journey in making it my own to drive a bicycle. How did I manage? I endure the pain and look at the bright side (the gain) in every pain and hardship. Just be careful so not to keep on getting bruises, but to learn from every pain so that the next time you’ll go though the downfalls, you will have the courage to shield yourself and rise again.

3. Going up needs more pedaling, than going down. As a beginner and a first timer in learning to ride a bicycle, I realized that I need to pedal the more in going-up, more pressure and effort needed to get in the destination. While going down has lesser pedaling, its getting lax and even without moving so much, the tires effortlessly move down. Then I realized, it’s very true, it takes a lot of effort to improve and bring yourself into a higher destination, higher rank, higher position. It truly need lots of effort to get to a higher destination. And without moving, without controlling your life it will be easier to bring you down.

4. You need bravery to face your fears. I told you, one of my greatest fears is to be out balance while driving a bicycle. I am afraid to fall, afraid to be in pain and afraid to try. But I realized, the more I am hesitant to try new things, the more that I become complacent in not attaining something more rewarding. Sometimes we like to stick with our safe grounds, in our comfort zones and we forget to see that are lots of opportunities to grow, only if we try, and we have to take hold our own handle bars and keep our pedals to grow. Fears will remain fearful until you will face them.

5. When you fall, get back and rise. As I told you, the last time I’ve driven a bicycle was only during my College years. It was only yesterday that I got the opportunity to drive a bicycle again. And I felt like I am craving for a try. This bike is own by my friend’s son, and at first I just look at these kids playing and riding at their bikes in the yard. Finally, I got the courage to ask if I can try to ride in and do it myself!!! Woa, how many long years was it from my College years around 2010, to now 2021? that’s around 11 years!!! And there I am trying my best again.


I am having hard time to balance the bike and drive it by myself. It took me lots and lots of tries to balance the bike again. Before, I was able to manage riding it, I fall so bad that I got big bruises and scratch in my legs. Did I regret it? No I enjoy the process of relearning and making it again. What a day!!! it was so beautiful, I really wish to bike again and again, and soon buy my own bike? Why not?

What a lovely experience, something worth doing— biking is keeping your feet in the pedals as you go through in life and keeping your feet still in the grounds.

It was a lovely day indeed!!! Lovelots and keep trying🥰💓💓

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