Characteristics of a British Short Hair Kitten that you will surely love 😻😻

Hi there how are you? I just feel like sharing about my fur babies Lucca and Vicca. Both are British short hair kittens and even though they are of the same breed, they have different traits and character.

Is there favoritism to my fur babies? The elder Lucca, or the youngest Vicca? Oh my God, it’s hard to choose because we love them both. Anyways, there’s no need to choose, they’re both loved and lovable. So what made these fur babies lovable?

1. British short hair cats are the most neat and clean cats in the world. They love to groom themselves!!! Yes exactly, a well-groom breed I can say. My hubby loves to cuddle our cats, Vicca the youngest is observed to always groom the part of her body that was pet or touched. The Filipino termed for this kind of trait is “maarte”.

2. British cats are clingy if you are clingy to them as well. Our fur babies like to sleep besides us especially if the weather is cold or we are sleeping under airconditoer. They like to be in your side like a human being too.

3. Just like every other cat, our fur babies can also give us relaxing massage. This is one of the best things that cats offer, they love to serve you back. A massage in the morning is priceless, of course we know that there energy is not the same as a real masseur but their effort and love are with it. So sweet and adorable, that is why I love to pet them very well.

4. British short hair cats have shorter fur compare to other cats. As they are called short hair, because they’re really are. Aside from that, their fur are like silk which are very fluffy and cuddly. Love to pet my fur babies and gently pet them.

5. They like to be taken care and groom too. What I like about my cats is that I can easily clean them especially their ears, I can wipe the morning star in their eyes, bath them and give them their vitamins. I wish I can also train them, how I wish.

How about you, what trait of your cat or your pet you like the most? Do you have your favorite pets too?

I’m Lucca🥰🥰
Hello there hooman😂😻😻
Hi there🥰🥰
Vicca 🥰🥰🥰

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