My two adorable British short hair babies.

Hi there, how are you? I hope you are doing well, healthy and happy. As for me, the past days and months have been really occupied with lots of things that I need to do. I just give it a chill and learn to slow down on things that I can’t control and focus on things that I can manage.

Overall I am very happy and with positivity in handling the challenges in my life. I also miss this little space of mine which I can just spontaneously share with you random thoughts. Did I share that one of the reasons of my happiness aside from my family, is of course my very adorable fur babies! Yes, fur babies– my cats!!!

My husband loves cat so much, he is truly a certified pet lover– cats, and even exotic pets. While, my personal interests is not with pets at first, but because of my hubby being a certified cat lover and me being his supportive wife, we have decided to have our first fur baby as a gift during our wedding day. In the Philippines, there are lots of cattery which offers quality cats and price varies depending on the breed. We purchased a British short hair kitten and we named her Lucca.

Why the name is Lucca? Me and my husband are both business course graduates particularly Accounting. In our fields, we always remember the Father of Accounting who is Luca Pacioli, but to have a little difference we evolved to Lucca🥰 Why not, I think Lucca is a very nice name, besides it can also be a place in Italy.

Few months after having Lucca, we decided to have another fur baby so that Lucca can also have a baby sister, and she can have a playmate as well especially during the day we are at work. We got another fur baby, also a British short hair breed. This time, this baby if an import from Ukraine. We purchase her from the same cattery where we got Lucca. We decided to have a bicolor kitten this time, we felt in love with her heart shaped color features in her nose. What a lovely cat. We named her Vicca, why Vicca? Actually since Vicca is an import, she has her passport and also an initial name was already given by the cattery in Ukraine. However, it’s like a coincidence or if not a hint on the idea of what we are going to call her.

The cattery here in the Philippines send to us the details of the cat prior to the deal. And my husband and I already saw her certification, there is a name written Vika …….. I can’t fully remember the words written, and because it’s in Ukraine language I don’t expect that it was read in English as “name”. So from there, I am thinking if we can name our cat as Vicca, Odessa or Selene, that time I am fascinated to watch the series of Selena in netflix that’s why it’s one of the choices😂😂, but my hubby likes it to be Vicca to be something unique. Then, here comes Vicca with her passport and other documents. Seeing here passport, made me a little shock that the portion “name” there is a name Vika next to it. And I think this is a validation that Vika is her name in Ukraine and in Ph he is now our Vicca.

We love them both and we wish to have more fur babies to take care soon. Both of them are female hopefully they will be blessed with more kiddos too.

Sharing some good vibes, love and positivity to everyone!!! Can you tell me the name of your pets too? Would love to know.

Love and care,


This is Lucca, sleeping so soundly.
Such a cutie baby Vicca
Look at our Vicca, soo cute right? 🥰🥰
My hubby giving them their favorite vitamins🥰🥰

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