How to keep quality time with your husband to never gets boring?

Hi there, how are you? It’s been a while since the last time I shared my journey of my marriage life here in my page. I have my me time and space and choose a little time away from gadgets the last month. But everything is well with me and my husband. I have made so much realizations in this journey, indeed, a really worth to take one!

Yey, who doesn’t love quality time with their husband?

Anyways, in this topic I will be sharing to you the things that you can enjoy doing together with your spouse, the same way as these work with me and my husband. Here are my top 10 in the list with no particular order:

Movie dates at home with my hubby while watching “Trese”.
  1. Movie dates. This one is the best weekend activity that we love both of my husband. I grew up with lack of resources to watch and afford good movies in the cinema. Way back then, my boyfriend who is now my husband would tease me saying that I missed half my life of not be able to watch good movies. But I would always argue with him and would tell him, “NO” I have enjoyed so much of my province life. I have climbed coconut trees and enjoy my time in the rice fields. Hahaha, now that I am a wife, I love weekends at home with husband and we truly have time to watch movies together to cope-up those years that I missed half of my life, kidding 😊 Yeah, I really find it great and informative to be able to watch good movies, learn from the story and relate from them as well. I am so much thankful to the family of my husband who shared their Netflix account to us, by this we can maximize the available and accessible movies in Netflix and watch them together. By now, you will surely laugh at me if I will tell you that I am still finishing the series of Twilight—we are still on its sequel “The Breaking Dawn”. Though my husband has already finished the series, he still loves going through it for the nth time with me.
  2. Playing games. What’s your favorite games? Do you prefer board games, or mobile games? My husband is a lover of online mobile games. As of writing he loves playing Mobile Legends, while in my side I really hate it when he has to cancel my call and continue the game so not to be reported and banned as player. Yes, I have encountered being cancelled with my call because he can’t play and talk at the same time. But every after his game he will call back and explain for the nth time that he has to do it during his game. After that we made an agreement that if my calls are really urgent, I have to text first, urgent or a cue that it needs an immediate response and he will be willing to leave his game, but for those that “can wait” messages or calls we can discuss them after the game. What an attention seeker type of game huh? Hehehe, on the other side, I love board games, I can spend time on playing scrabble, snake and ladder is also fun too. I love it when my husband plays together with me, especially those games that we can learn and improve our vocabularies or judgement, those are ok with me.
  3. Cooking. This is one of the things that I am a work in process with, I am not really a good chef or cook. I have only limited lists of good dishes that I know how to cook. Most of them I have to look at the recipe from time to time. But for me, I have improved a lot of my cooking skills now that I am married. Before, my mother prepares our food, from our breakfast to our lunch to our work, she prepared them. Now that I got married, I have to wake-up earlier and prepare our food from breakfast to our “baon” for work. One of the dish that I am confident cooking is pork adobo, it is also easy to prepare and the taste is classy. Well, for me and my husband, we love pork adobo—the Filipino style. 😊 Cooking is also one of the great way to bond with your spouse, as for me and my hubby, I am the one who is a better cook, there’s no choice because my hubby is not so fond of cooking. But I still engaged him in handling simple cooking tasks while I am preparing the whole thing. Like, he can help me slicing or peeling the veggies, help me measuring the ingredients or even the one who will do the taste test. 😊
  4. Food dates. Of course everything is best when done over food who would not love eating while discussing things together. When you watch movies, you would also love munching chips, dipping nachos to your favorite sauce. Food dates does not only mean eating outside, it could be a candle light dinner at home. After you do the cooking, you will add a lighting a scented candle and pick a stalk of rose in your garden to make it more romantic. How I wish we got a roof deck where we can have food dates at the same time star gazing on a romantic dinner dat “roof deck” version. On the other hand, for someone outgoing a dinner outside would also be best–eating in your favorite restaurant with the best food would also be nice.
  5. Karaoke & Dance. Who wouldn’t like to express yourself in singing or in dance the feelings that you like to express when you’re out of words. Between singing and dancing I would love to sing along with good music. However, if the music is undeniably lively and inviting for a dance why not– me and my husband love wiggle wiggle, red red wine and a message to you Rudy. These songs make us dance with the beat though our steps are just out of nowhere and we can only dance by ourselves only. This red red wine is a mixture of romance and upbeat music. We used to play it every weekends, and not missing to do a Cha-cha with a dramatic turn every time we play it at home. Nowadays, if you like love to do the karaoke, you can enjoy doing it over Youtube because the lyrics are always available as long as you have your internet connection on.
  6. Window shopping. This is truly one of the most savvy things to do and enjoy together. Why savvy? Of course this is literally just pleasing your eyes over the nice products and items in the mall but without the intention of buying when. Hahahaha, I laugh out loud while writing to this one as this is what we do most of the times with my hubby. As I told you before, we do our groceries once a month, so after our grocery day and we have extra time to go to the mall, we would but that time for sure would be spent to window shopping. Me and my hubby loves going through housewares section. In the Philippines, one of the biggest shopping center is SM, this is own by the Sy Family. As most of the SM Stores and so gigantic and with huge varieties of choices to choose from for almost all of your needs, you will surely be pleased to window-shop for an hour or more. I can’t lose my taste to go around the houseware section, look over to the plates, beautiful decorative items, colorful bedsheets, and many many more. I really happy that my hubby supports me with this window shopping thing. My hubby would definitely love to look at some sporty shops and everyday carry items, mountaineering gears, moto gears etc. What is the benefit of window shopping? For us this inspire us and give us drive to do our work well. No work, no money to afford those things that we wish to buy at some future time. 🙂
  7. Travelling. One of the best things that I also love is travelling. Travelling would not only mean a travel to an out of town destinations. I have limited travels outside town together with my husband. When we are still boyfriend and girlfriend, we don’t have a lot of chance to travel by ourselves because we are not permitted by my mother. Even I am 28 years old that time, a no is still a no. But with trusted and good friends we are allowed to travel as long as in a group and usually should not be an overnight travel. My family is really protective, maybe because I am the youngest in the family. Also one of the reasons why we have limited travels is that we don’t have our own service/car. We have to commute from one terminal to the other, and by the time my hubby got his motorcycle the pandemic hits so bad that travel restrictions are imposed in most of the places. Most of my friends are taking travelling while they are still young, as the saying goes by “You only lived once (YOLO)” so if possible travel as you can and enjoy every places you go with your loved ones.
  8. Housekeeping. I think this is a daily activity that makes the marriage life not boring. The household chores never run out. Hahahha 🙂 In the morning, from cooking, washing the dishes, watering your plants, cleaning, doing the laundry, keeping everything in order inside your home is an everyday task. This may seem to be ordinary but you can still enjoy it when done with your husband or your family member. Housekeeping is something I look forward every weekend because it’s the only time that I can attend to these things with more time than the weekdays. Weekdays has to be made quick as we need to report to our onsite work. For me, what I like it more because my husband and I help with each other in doing and keeping everything in order at home.
  9. Taking care of pets. For me taking care a pet is our outlet of stress relief. After a month of being married, me and my hubby decided to get a cat. We rehomed a very beautiful and active British short hair kitten. We named it Lucca. That time Lucca was still 3 months, now as of writing she is already 7 months old. How time flies so fast! We are very much happy for having Lucca with us at home. She is like a part of our family. After work, I look forward to meeting my hubby and of course our furbaby. This furbaby is also very sweet that one can really be distressed with. It doesn’t matter what pet would you be taking care, but I think it’s also nice if both of you will love that pet.
  10. Gardening. The pandemic brings a lot of families together, aside from it there are lots of people who became plant lover or what we call here in the Philippines as “plantita or plantito”. Even myself and my mother, we become more of a plant enthusiast. As of now we are growing different plants at home, they are grow in a pots. Lately also, I am starting to grow some exotic plants at home. I have started planting drosera which I got the seeds from my brother in-law. Both me and my husband are very excited for more exotic plants coming soon.

Cooking pancakes on weekend with hubby💓💓

See, aside from these ten things, I know there’s so much more that you can do together with you hubby keeping quality time with your husband, enjoying time and things together. For sure, there wouldn’t be dull and boring times together.

Random babetime and dates💕🥰🥰

Looking forward to hear from you dear, take care always and enjoy your marriage life.

Our beautiful Cat Lucca😽😽

With so much love from the Philippines,
Mira Rollenas-Ducusin ❤

Hey, this is me enjoying our window shopping, hubby is taking the pic. 💕

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