How to Write a Poem for your Spouse?

I love to receive poems from my husband. At the same time when I’m in the mood I would love writing poems for my loved ones. I have written few poems way back then, but for this blog I would love to share to you some of the beautiful poems that my husband has written for me.

These poems always make me smile every time I go over them, and would love to have them in my page to always be reminded of them.

The first poem that he had written and given to me is entitled “A Rose for A Special Girl”, and here it is:

Where’s the rose? I asked him, then he handed me a beautiful rose. ❤ ❤ ❤

A Rose for a Special Girl
By: Richard Pham Ducusin

I love writing poems, I feel it’s sweet to express your feelings to the one you love.

Tender loving care for you, but away from harm
Happiness in you with a blast of a confetti
All of this I pray for a person so clever
Nice thing should be in your future to God I plea
Know that I’m like a picture of black, gray and deaf

You give me the sense, that my colors are inside.
Obtain this sonnet as a sign that I am near
Unlike the other men, I can be your hero

Sounds of terror, pain and despair will quickly heal
Out on the wrong unstable path for you I deal

My way of saying thanks, because your nice and wise
Utter my name and without a doubt I come soon
Cheering you was my very brilliant idea
Having care to wonderful and beautiful lass.

———- THE END————-

When I asked my husband “why do you come-up with this poem?” He said, I want to say thank you so much, plus my name on the right side of each ending letter, can you find it? Hahahahaha, do you notice that the start of every line when combined together will form a message of Thank you so much. On the other hand, the ending letters of each line when combined together spelled my name. ❤ Further, I asked him, where’s the rose? the title of the poem is “A Rose for a Special Girl”, and he said while handling me a rose, here’s the rose. That made my day, the poem was a bit of twist, and fun.

So going back with my heading question, how to write a poem for your spouse, or to someone you want like to make a poem? This could be a tip for you, you can come-up with the message and elaborate your thoughts to every line.

My husband has been a sweet lover and really tried his best to impress me since the day he courted me. By the way this poem is I think written between our College years 2011 I think. 😀 That time we are still knowing each other more. God is so good that He has given me a husband like him 🙂

Sending love and warm hugs,
Mrs. Ducusin

This is the actual poem that he had given to me, he laminated it in one of the computer shops near our school. 🙂 This is the front page.
This is inspired by the lyrics of one of his favorite songs Sunday Driving By Rico Blanco, “I want you to see, the world that I see. Hear, the beatin’ of my heart. Feel, the flame that grips me.

This one’s the back page of the laminated poem 🙂

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