How to please your husband when he is angry?

I love my husband so much, the same way as he loves me. He is my source of strength and also my weakness. Disagreements between couples are normal, we misunderstood each other, disagree, quarrel and later on make peace. When he is angry, I think I become a bit paranoid, at this stage, I’m still in the process of handling lover’s quarrel professionally, haha:) Soon I will list down the usual reasons that our husband gets angry. But to tell you, my husband is not a stubborn one, he is very thoughtful, loving and a caring husband. But when his angry side strikes on, I am at my panic mode. So here I am listing down my ways to please my husband, maybe these can also help you to tame your angry hubby. Enjoy reading 🙂

  1. Treat him with calmness and politeness. Boys don’t like so much words, they want peace most of the times. They don’t like loud discussions or even confrontation. So in times of his anger, stay calm as much as you can and treat him politely. Do not make confrontations yet at this time or else the fire may ignite even more. In my case as I’ve said I am a bit paranoid person especially when we have minor disagreements, I usually distance for a while and then assess when everything seems better, that’s the time I talk gently to my husband.
  2. Discuss your concerns privately. The degree of anger will vary on a case to case basis. It is ideal that the the cause of the anger be known and be resolved immediately. Boys don’t like confrontation, they like to be given a long time of silence when they are angry then later on once they’re good, they will talk to you like nothing happens. But as I said, the degree of anger varies. When you both acknowledged the cause of the anger, assess who made the mistake and learn to ask for forgiveness. My husband want a space for himself to reflect and come-up with sound judgment during a fight, but he also appreciate to sit down and settle our concerns privately. Avoid postings rants on social media, if you have problem with your spouse try to resolve the problem together. Sometimes a discussion doesn’t need to be long and loud, it can be done in a gentle way with respect and love. Most of the times, I start asking how can I make you feel better, then we will go on with the concerns that made him angry.
  3. Cook his favorite dish. This tip is connected to the above, sometimes a discussion is better over food. So, try to cook his favorite dish and serve it to him. First, know his favorite food so that you can please him with the right food to serve. As a saying goes, “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. My husband is a lover of pasta and coffee, so after dealing and winning with an argument (of course I should win, not always but most of the time) kidding, I try to win his heart again. Serving him delicious and his favorite food will ease his mood and make him feel better. I am not really a good cook, I am a work in process chef, but I always try to make effort when my husband is angry, I like to make moves “suyo” first and that magical smile from his face will lighten-up again our mood.
  4. Be sweeter and expressive. Not all people are expressive, showy and sweet to their spouse. I think the most important thing here in the first place is to know your husband’s love language. If his love language is receiving gifts, try to please him by giving little gifts that you know will make him feel better. If his love language is receiving an act of service, try to offer him a massage. If his love language is time, try to invite him over a movie night or dates, or play with him together over Mobile Legends or Clash of Clans (I don’t know if this works with your hubby, but at least you’ve tried). If his love language is touch, you should know what to do to make him feel much better 🙂 hahaha.
  5. Reconcile and make peace with each other. This is in relation to tip number 2. After a discussion, reconcile and fill the gaps between you and your spouse. If the cause of the anger is heavy and significant, understand that making peace with each other may take time. You have to ask for forgiveness and be sincere with your actions to correct your wrongdoings. As a saying goes like this, forgive and forget, but remember it is not easy to forgive and just forget when the cause is significant, sometimes time just heal everything, but it doesn’t work for everyone. I still believe in trying to do your best to reconcile with your husband, make peace with him and be sincere with your apology.

My journey to being a wife is amazing, me and my husband have arguments from time to time, these are inevitable but we make efforts to solve them. Because if the two of you love each other, no challenge can move you, after a fight you will end up laughing at each other on that stupid nonsense thing. At the end of the day remember that your husband is your other half, he is your ally and your partner in crime. Whatever it is that you are going through right now, you are not alone, this too shall pass.

Wishing and praying for a strong, binded with love and unity to you and your spouse!

P.S. How about you how do you handle your hubby when he is angry? I wish I have given you good reads for you to also reflect over in handling such circumstances. If you have any topics that you want me to right and share with, please let me know. I am enjoying writing and sharing my random thoughts here in my page. Let’s keep in touch, lovelots!


Date and babe time with my hubby:))

Love and blessings,

Mrs. Mira Ducusin

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