Top 5 Challenges in a DIY Wedding Preparations

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I know wedding preparation is a hard thing, and is also time consuming. This is the reason why some bride and grooms choose to have wedding coordinators, but usually costs a bit pricey.

This is the reason why a bride/groom switch to a DIY wedding preparations, however, there are challenges that are usually experienced in a do it yourself (DIY) wedding preparations.

  1. Disagreements on preferences/taste. In a wedding preparation, there will always be differences in preferences and taste between the bride and the groom. Usually a wedding will consider its themes and motif, and in this aspect, there are differences already. Usually the bride would love something romantic and majestic wedding set-up but the groom may prefer to have a simple celebration or vice versa. It varies from person to person, in my case have also experienced this challenge. Our DIY wedding preparation was not an exempt to this one but we managed to surpass this concern. One of the ways to overcome this challenge is to brainstorm with each other on the ideas on hand and if these ideas are SMART and feasible. Remember in the preparation, you should have each other those differences in preferences should be resolved in the onset of the planning. It is also important to consider each others side on why one had come-up to a certain preference. The most important thing is understanding each other as you come-up with a final preferences in each aspect of the wedding planning.
  2. Budget constraints. Budget is truly one of the most answered reasons why challenges arise in a DIY wedding planning. I think not only in a DIY planning but also if you tend to hire a wedding coordinator. It is one of the factors needed to be properly taken into consideration, the budget. Based on personal experience, the most effective way to manage budgeting properly is to have them itemized through a detailed computation through an excel file via computer or documented through a notebook. I would recommend that along the process you will revisit, update and track the progress that you have put into your budgeting aspect. Would love to share our budgeting excel template that helped me and my husband in consideration of our budgeting. We started listing all the particulars that we need to set-up, those were specified accordingly, followed by an allocated budget that is feasible for the particular, then we track how much is the actual cost of that particular, then the last column is the evaluation of cost or savings. From there, you can assess how your budget is doing. You can also adjust from time-to-time those negotiable items vs those non-negotiable ones.
  3. Lack of time management. Time is a factor for any planning and even into its execution. Time management is always the key. Thus, if you lack proper time management even if you got the budget, we will still encountered challenges and pitfalls. It is important not only to consider the budget but also to put a time frame in the execution of those lists in your budgeting. For example, the time frame that you will have your wedding gown be fitted, the purchase of your wedding essentials, the reservation of your wedding reception etc. I still remember in our DIY wedding preparations, my fiance has to stay late in the house just to catch-up with brainstorming and updating, in our case we have to do the planning seriously as we have limited time and have some restrictions due to the pandemic. Time management will measure your ability to weigh the things that should be prioritized and those you can let go. I would also like to add that you should not be complacent while doing your wedding planning, I know you got your Plan A, but you should reserve extra plans on plan b and c for any contingencies.
  4. Non-cooperation of the groom or bride. This one may sound crazy but this is also one of the challenges encountered during a wedding planning. The usual scenario is the groom leaves the decision-making to the bride, or vice versa, however at the end of the execution the other partner will argue on why the choices were like that, like this. It’s very disappointing that arguments happen after all the works were done by the executing partner. This is why it is very important to collaborate with each other on every ideas that each want to put in place in the wedding planning.
  5. Unorganized planning. Organization is a vital role in every planning, like how a movie is made it should start with the organization of the main casts–in a wedding planning the main casts are the bride and groom, and they themselves should be expected to have organized themselves first– their thoughts, actions down to the execution. The planning is the pavement towards the success of every DIY wedding planning. You call it DIY as you do-it-yourself, and you must expect yourself to be present all through it.

Above all, every wedding planning has its pitfalls and downfalls, you just have to carry-on and know that the wedding is just a secondary thing, once a challenge is experienced go back to your primary thing on why in the first place there is a wedding? The primary should be the love that you have for each other, it should outweighs any pitfall, both the bride and the groom should be the each others best ally, and each others support system.

To all soon to be wed bride and groom, I wish you all the best, you can do it! Cheers for a meaningful marriage life ahead!

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With love and care,

Mrs. Mira Ducusin

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