Best Place for An Intimate Engagement Proposal

Hi there!

Until now I still cannot contain the happiness that I have that day when my boyfriend for 8 wonderful years proposed to me. That’s an every girls dream– to be married to the man of our dreams. It’s extremely satisfying that moment when he said MARRY ME! Actually he doesn’t asked a question, he just raised a statement saying MARRY ME. It was not as expected as it could be as we are in the midst of pandemic and trying times.

But love will always find its way for us to celebrate this engagement proposal. By the way, let me give you some details of momentous event in our relationship.

It was September 13, 2020, Sunday morning; 2 days before my birthday. Yes September 15 is my 29th birthday. We are in a lockdown that time, but my future-husband had requested me to be with them to have a family dinner that Sunday morning. I wouldn’t be surprised because September 12, is also the birthday of his brother. So all I thought it would be a double celebration over food and chats.

He booked our breakfast in Kaulayaw Coffee somewhere in Antipolo, it’s a wonderful place with a very relaxing ambiance ideal for family gatherings and special events. The place has also an overlooking spot where you can enjoy and refresh in a scenic spot of Antipolo, it’s like having a breakfast in the sky :). I also love the food (I think more of Filipino foods) you can order coffee or shakes at your choice. I cannot remember all the food that we had, I think it’s because I am more excited and filled with the happiness of the engagement proposal.

Part of me was really skeptic on why it seems that there’s something special that day. He requested for his best friend to drive us and use their car. My mother was there, and the wife of his best friend who is also our circle of friends. That time I am wondering why their other friends are not around so I keep on asking, I hope he invited them so that we can have a breakfast together. Without knowing that the other friends are in the restaurant already waiting for us and are preparing a little surprise.

By the way, the proposal was a bit epic. Hahahaha. My boyfriend’s friends are preparing for something surprising, some balloons, and other props were prepared.

However, knowing my boyfriend to be a truly shy type person, and a camera shy; without an element of surprise he directly give to me the flowers and said Marry Me 😀 hahahhaha

His friends were really laughing after all that what they’ve planned has not succeeded. This simple proposal made me cry and made me laugh at the same time. I can see that his friends are still holding the “Will you Marry Me” banner with a little choreography but those were not executed as planned.

We all laughed after all, that was a happy engagement indeed!

My boyfriend already my fiancé that time told me that he don’t want it to be entertaining, he just want it to be true and sincere. ❤ ❤ ❤

That day started our planning towards our wedding day. I will keep you posted what happens next 🙂

By the way, we are always thankful for the support, care and love that our circle of friends have for us. They are truly for keeps. They’re more than family. Me and Richard love you so much guys. Mwaa.

This is the breakfast view, behind our back 🙂 love it. @KaulayawCoffee
Wearing our couple ring and our engagement ring.
Photo not mine, grabbed it from google. This is Kaulayaw Coffee shop, this place is truly amazing.
Photo not mine, truly love the place, location: Kaulayaw Coffee Lower Antipolo
Hey, my hubby got this ring from @P.Zuniga Jewellery, they offer quality and authentic masterpieces. The jewelry store is located at Meycauayan Bulacan. 🙂

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